The strategic objective of the AEI is to convert the industrial structure of the province of Jaen, Competition based on price, in an industrial structure based on competence in Value. To make it, They require three fundamental pillars:

  • Improving competitiveness
  • Encourage innovation and R & D
  • Promote the orientation of the jiennenses companies to international markets

1) Improving competitiveness

The main challenge of jiennense industrial activity is to compete in increasingly larger and more open. Nowadays, as a result of globalization, not enough to do things right, but should be better than our competitors. To be competitive, companies need to meet a number of factors, both quantitative and qualitative, which can be classified into two groups:

a) Determinants of production costs. To compete in open markets, It is important for companies that the costs they face are similar or lower than those of its competitors. The main production costs are labor, energy, logistics and price of raw materials.

b) Determinants of productivity. Productivity is the ability of companies to make products and put them on the market at the lowest possible consumption of resources. Productivity is closely linked to the innovative activity of the company, hence are important various factors: organization and management techniques; technologies and materials used in the production; use of ICT; staff training; use of talent, equality and diversity in business; infrastructure and logistics and transport; energy infrastructure.

2) Encourage innovation and R & D

Innovation is a crucial element to increase the productivity of industry. Innovation involves making changes, either in the form of produce, in products, in technologies and materials used, in the forms of management, in business strategies…

The important thing for our association is to promote innovation, to see companies living in a changing environment and that its success depends on its ability to adapt, continually, the new challenges of the environment.

The innovation, along with other elements such as the generation of ideas and knowledge necessary for the industrial sector, it is a means of vital importance to ensure the competitiveness of the industry.

3)Encourage companies targeting international markets

The globalization of markets requires companies to face strong competitors. Till the date, the Spanish economy experienced significant growth and expansion, causing companies to weaken our country's orientation towards foreign markets. Now, as a result of the crisis, the situation has changed: the Spanish demand has fallen with respect to most countries and to restore growth in our industry must head towards foreign markets.

AIE is critical for helping companies in this phase of strategic reorientation outwards, especially, SMEs, which require more effort than large firms.

The areas most relevant to develop action at this point are: export training; support to identify and enter new markets; increase the export base; financial support for export; promotion and capitalization of trade agreements.

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