The Chamber of Commerce has the Ecoinnocamaras Program

This is a program that supports innovation in SMEs. It is a program that promotes the integration of environmental considerations Innovation in business strategy as a key tool for achieving sustained economic growth and improve the competitiveness of Spanish SMEs. This program is aimed at SMEs and independent throughout the national territory.

Ecoinnocámaras consists of two types of actions: Direct support to businesses and cross-complementary actions.

Business support actions: Plan Innovation Support. Is the development of a plan tutored awareness and support a company or group of companies for the integration of environmental innovation culture in their strategies of action. It includes two sequential and progressive phases: Aided diagnosis innovation (subsidized by 100%) and support for the implementation of the Plan of Support for Innovation (subsidized by 80%).
These actions are reinforced by a set of Transversal Actions that promote the spread of the culture of innovation among enterprises, such as: Innovation forums, tutored innovation portal, and other actions of dissemination and awareness of the importance of innovation in SMEs.

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