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RELIABLE CUSTOMER is a new service of the House of Linares, designed jointly by the Higher Council of Chambers and IBERIFORM (Credit and Surety Group / Atradius), for companies seeking customers in a foreign market. It provides a list of 10 potential creditworthy customers in a market of their choice, including, plus all contact details, information concerning their solvency (rating and credit limit).

It is available for the following markets: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, EE.UU., Finland, France, Greece, Holland, England, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

The list will consider delimiters criteria provided by you, such as:

The specific product to export
The ideal type and size of importer, ranges defined by turnover and number of employees
Other parameters like type of customer (wholesaler, retail, etc…) defined by the comments I want to send us and help the team the best possible.

The added value of the ten selected contacts RELIABLE CUSTOMERS lies in solvency in terms of compliance with payment commitments according to current information and accurate cross on arrival and provided by both private sources and from Public and proven Bodies and endorsed by Iberinform - Credit and Surety Group. The solvency is expressed in terms of rating (valuation according to scaling) and in terms of credit limit.

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